Friday, 27 March 2009

Peg apron

As promised here is a picture of my peg apron it is so practical and I'm really pleased with it. As you can see it fits all which is essential with a houseful it means that anyone can hang washing. It's not as beautiful as the one my Gran made but it's lovely and bright and I did do some decorative blanket stitch round the pocket openings. Rob suggested that I make some more and sell them to raise money for Millie's trip it might be a good idea and if no one wants them I can always give them away as presents, once you have tried one I think you will always want one, I don't know why you don't see them in the shops!

Monday, 23 March 2009

Pick and Mix

Sammy is really getting the hang of signing these days, we have been singing and signing a song called 'I dig my garden' and it has a sign for planting seeds and growing. While the portage worker was here he actually did both signs like he'd been doing it for ages she was so amazed, he also did a puzzle she brought without any mistakes first time, what a star! He doesn't often perform for the right people so it's always satisfying when he does it's good to have a witness it stops you thinking you are imagining things.

We are reaping the consequences of Millie's sleepless weekend away, she doesn't cope well with a lack of sleep her personality takes a detour into contrariness and weeping not her usual self at all. It means we will be on egg shells for a few days I think I should make her a T-shirt with the slogan 'Fragile, handle with care' on it til she catches up with her sleep and we have our smiley Millie back.

I read the most wonderful book yesterday it's called the Miraculous journey of Edward Tulane it was so good I read it in two sittings which is good for me I'm the sort of reader that likes to take in every word so I tend to read at the sort of pace you would read aloud. It's a children's book and I can't wait to read it to Millie and Luke when we have finished the Penderwicks. Hopefully it will teach them something about appreciation of the people that love them and about loving others.

It's been quite a busy day I managed to cut out an apron for holding pegs, I had a beautiful one that my Gran made with embroidery on it but somehow it's lost, I'm hopeful it will turn up but in the meantime I'm making my own. It's more modern but just as practical and I'm sure just like Grans the kids will laugh at me when I wear it. I don't know why, it's so much better than those silly ones you hang on the line and have to keep fighting washing to get at, admittedly it's not the height of fashion but the fact my Gran made it and used it gave me pleasure while I hung out the washing. I'm not sure this one will have the same effect but it is really cheerful, a bright red with multi coloured dots on. When it's done I'll take a picture and put it on here.

Luke is reading to me at the moment, a book about pets, his reading it coming on great he wants to read everything including the book I'm reading to him he tries to read along which can be a bit distracting at times but it is lovely to have one that can do that and wants to. That reminds me better go and read some more of the Penderwicks need to find out how the 'save daddy plan' is going to work out!

Friday, 20 March 2009

Playtime and parting

Sammy and I went to Farnham today it was a lovely relaxed day with lots of lovely people and children to chat and play with. We had a lovely time playing on the water bed in the sensory room it was so warm with changing lights and revolving pictures being projected on the wall. It was a special time rolling around together with lots of cuddles and tickles, he is such a lovely little boy full of kisses and giggles.

He also had a fun time in the playhouse with a couple of older boys, they were so sweet with him he loved playing boo out of the window and seemed to think that the pretend pizza was in need of a wash in the sink. He also had great fun in the tunnel always a winner with him today he played with a couple of girls crawling in and out together. I have noticed quite a change in the way he is playing he is much more interactive with other children now, he watches and copies what they are doing. He also was signing to one of them today she didn't understand him but he was trying to communicate which is great!

The speech therapy time was hard work Sammy just wouldn't sit still he wanted to climb on the bean bags and explore. He did do some lovely signing and responded well when she asked him to feed the lion an ice-cream (plastic of course).

He really loves his cuddly toys we often play with our teddies he particularly loves Mummies Teddy, a panda that Rob brought me a while ago. I think he loves it because it's mine, so cute, his little face is a picture when I cuddle it and then he instantly wants a go to.

Millie is off on a youth weekend with church it's been coming for a while and we have done nervous, excited, stressed, excited and more excited. She went last year and texted or phoned every two hours, hopefully she will feel more settled this time she certainly seems more up for it this time and it's alot closer so I think that will help, although I am secretly hoping that I still get lots of texts, I think I'm as bad as her. We will miss her noise about the house she is always so chirpy. It's amazing with so many children how one missing changes the whole feel of things. I can't imagine how it will be when they start leaving home it's going to take some adjusting to, in the mean time I'm going to make the most of it and hope that I can survive the lack of sleep and damaged eardrums!

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Fun at the park

I thought it might be a good idea to be able to put a face to the name Samuel so here are a couple of photos I took at the park today. He loved going on the swing and really would have liked to play football with the others but mean old Mummy wouldn't let him crawl around in the mud. They all had fun taking him down the slide and playing on the climbing frame. It was so good to get out in the fresh air it really lifts your spirits to see the sky it seems like I've spent so much time indoors lately without really achieving alot. I have managed to get Sammy started on some sound cards and also made him a family book which he thinks is great fun.

We went to a school fair earlier and managed to pick up a few new touchy feely books and also had a cuddle with some rabbits which was lovely he really liked them although he seemed really excited about their cages and the doors opening and shutting.

I must get on and get his bedroom finished we still have him sleeping in with us and the early mornings are getting a bit much, maybe if it was completely quiet and darker he would sleep longer. I want to be able to put the lovely quilts that he had from hospital and from my lovely friend when he was born, up on the wall it will look so colourful and bright!

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Being a parent

How good would it be if we could jump ahead a few years and see if what we are doing 'now' works? I'm feeling completely overwhelmed today by the tightrope that we have to walk as parents on one side there's the friendly lunches and pally chats on the other there is "whatever" and "don't tell me what to do!" The investment we make into their lives is motivated purely out of love for them, the restrictions that we make are only for their safety. I know we can't prevent or predict every bad thing that may happen to them but it is built into us that we do all we can, is it fear? Or the lioness protection instinct that does it? Or is it love?

God gave us a free will, a choice to choose to love Him or not, it seems that same choice doesn't apply when it comes to our children even when they should be old enough to know better and when they lash out against us we still love them and stress over how to guide them in a way that will keep them safe without infringing on their liberty. I wish that we could swap shoes for just a day, so that they can know that we are not the enemy, that we don't want to make them an image of ourselves, that we want to see them become happy and fulfilled, living the exciting and full lives that were planned out for them by a loving and amazing Father. Yes, we want to stay a part of their lives but we only want to observe and enjoy where they go, not do the driving. We hope that they grow up to respect the choices we make and to remember that we are human like them. I certainly do with mine, each of us reflect the diversity of our God and to be tied to family by love that doesn't expect conformity but revels in uniqueness is a wonderful blessing!

On days like this when I feel lost when I don't know how it's going to turn out, when I'm scared that I could loose them emotionally, that they will hide from me what they are really thinking because it will hurt me, I have to remember that although they are my flesh and blood and I love them passionately they are more important to the one who planned them before He created the earth, that He who started a good work in them will complete it. Thank God that we are not in this alone, what a lesson in so many things is being a parent. Do you think that could be part of the plan?

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Sick,Lemonade and Dressing up.

It's been a really tough week Sammy hasn't recovered since last Sunday when he started being sick. Poor little man hasn't eaten properly all week, he seems to be able to survive on fromage frais, a few quavers and breastmilk, which was in short supply but now seems to have responded to demand. One of the high lights was on Tuesday eve when he decided to sick and poo simultaneously! He hates me holding a bowl in front of him so I was fighting to catch sick when I noticed there was a warm wet feeling running down my leg. The poo, if you could call it that had escaped and was making a run for it. I had to call Rob for help I wrapped the pooey end in a towel and promptly took him for a bath. Poor little lad he managed to poo his way through four pairs of jammies the next day. It always causes alot of screaming and flapping when it happens and various people either run for air freshener or cover.

While he's been ill all he wanted to do was watch Mr Tumble, a programme on TV for children with special needs where they can learn to sign. I have learnt a great deal from it and normally Mr Tumble is one of my favorites but after several days (that seem like weeks!!!) I'm beginning to imagine rather sudden and violent ends for him. I did regain my enthusiasm momentarily when Sammy did the sign for squirrel yesterday it's always so exciting when he does a new one, not that he will always do it again it's a case of been there got the T-shirt sometimes.

He has learnt a new trick which he has repeated lots this morning, when I thought he was finally well again, he can blow his trumpet that the speech therapist gave him Yea!! He was so pleased with himself lets hope he remembers how to tomorrow.

Lottie has just come in from work complaining about the cold, that girl is always cold! Although apparently she's not so cold that she can't go out in it again to buy lemonade from down the road, she needs supplies to be able to do her French course work, it must be made from French lemons or something! It's quite scary how the time goes by she will be off to college this year and she's been talking about dresses for her leavers do. I'm not sure whether I will be called upon to make it or not yet, strangely Rob seems to think that it would be nice if I did. Maybe he does have a sentimental side!

As I sit quietly writing this I can hear Millie and Luke playing dressing up, Millie is swanning around in a old floaty dress of mine, it's only her voice I can hear I think she is the one with the creative ideas! Sisters can be so much fun he loves it when she gives him the time it all gets very dramatic and theatrical. I can imagine the waving arms from here as I listen to her talking in a French accent, when did my children become so continental?

Monday, 2 March 2009

Highs and Lows

Yesterday we sat having Sunday lunch which is always a loud, greedy affair, I was dishing up apple crumble and said to Sammy "Would you like custard and crumble?" I didn't really expect an answer but I talk constantly to him anyway when I looked at him he was excitedly signing his Mr Tumble sign I was confused as to why he would be signing that in the middle of dinner til I realised that's what he thought I'd asked "Would you like custard and Mr Tumble?" No wonder he looked so happy.

On the other side by teatime he was a different child, like all children he went from seemingly well to being sick in a matter of moments. He really hates me holding a bowl in front of him I have the impression that he thinks it's the bowls fault, so it's a balancing act between comforting and catching sick, really there should be some qualification for being a Mum it would certainly be worth more than the surfing course I heard of that is the equivalent of two A levels!

It's amazing the lengths everyone goes to when he's poorly to help, Millie was lovely, and cheerfully made Sausage Pasta for tea and now Lottie is galloping round the lounge being a horse, neighing and letting Luke ride it's very realistic, Sammy loves it. He really does unite us in a way that's a real blessing, How good is our God!