Monday, 13 July 2009

Summer Time

Been ages since I've written anything so I thought I'd give you a quick catch up on what we've been up to.

We've managed a couple of camping weekends in the New Forest both of which we had good enough weather, not to hot and not to cold, Sammy loved the freedom of being outside all the time. Also both times we went with friends so he enjoyed all the attention of having so many people around. He also enjoyed his first bike rides, which I also appreciated as Daddy did the hard work and it was a lovely break for me, as you can see wasn't to hard for him either!

We also had a Birthday since I last posted, Sammy was two in June, it's quite shocking how fast the time has gone by, he doesn't seem two at all he's still such a baby, which we love it's like having a child that grows in elephant years assuming that the bigger the animal the longer it takes to grow up unlike dogs who do seven to our one.

He has come on in alot of ways he now eats most of the food we eat with only a bit of chopping up, he will even feed himself somethings with things like pasta, which he can stab with a fork. His standing up has improved he still doesn't walk but we are waiting for some Pedro boots so hopefully it won't take long once we get those. His signing has come on leaps and bounds he knows so many now it's lovely to see him communicating independently. As I'm sitting here he is tackling a whole apple he's almost down to the core I'll have to rescue it soon before he eats it all.

Other news is that Lottie has finished all her exams and will be having her prize giving assembly this evening and that will be it for the Kings School. It was a stressful time she really hates exams, ever since she was little she hated them even if it said test on the paper! I'm so glad that the course she has chosen is a continual assessment one so she won't have to do the end of year exams again, unless of course we have to retake the ones she just did, lets hope not!!

The summer has been a wash out literally, it's been so depressing the kids haven't spent anywhere near enough time outside. We are off to 28:18 soon so I hope the weather cheers up I really don't need to have a crawling Sammy in the mud.

I'll try and be a bit more reliable with the postings in future it's so hard to remember all that has happened.