Sunday, 11 April 2010

Outside in April

I just spent a lovely afternoon walking in the sunshine, I love this time of year it always picks you up to see the sun. The gorse bushes were alive with vibrant yellow flowers it was a feast for the eyes. Sammy slept all the way round unfortunately but did wake up when we got to the park, poor Rob had to push him all the way with a flat tyre on the buggy Ooops! I may have done that when I went on the same walk with my sister earlier in the week there were some very narrow pathways where I had to push the buggy over gorse.
We had the lovely company of Fi who had Aaron so Luke was happy as he always loves the company and Keith so everyone had someone to chat to, we wandered into some woods and even managed to find our way back again so I was quite impressed.
I think we will try and do a lot more walking as it will help with the new healthy regime, I've become a member of Slimming world so we will see how that goes so far I've lost a stone, still have about another two to go, I think it's going to be a long, slow journey.