Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Southborne Beach

We had a surprise weekend of sun and decided to make a dash for the sea. As per usual we took way to long getting organised, well actually it was too much lounging about in bed and then the debates of who was to come with us that took the time. Millie wanted to see a play her friends were performing that evening and we didn't want to be back in time to see that so she ended up staying with Lottie. It was just us and the boys in the end which was weird but nice. We went down to Southborne as it's near Robin and Gill's house and we thought it would be lovely to see them as well, they are always good company and Rob loves hear about Robin's latest antics.

When we eventually made it through the traffic we found it beautifully sunny and not all that crowded, it had all the stuff we needed and also a little sand, ok it's not a welsh beach and I am known for my fussiness where beaches are concerned but for that day it was just the ticket. Luke had protested on the way that he didn't want to go to the beach but within minutes of getting on the sand had found his trunks and was in the water laughing and demanding his body board. He spent the whole time just busy building sand castles and playing in the sea it was lovely to see him so content.

Sammy just loves to be outside and took to the sand straight away thankfully he didn't try to eat it this time as he did when we were in Devon. He wasn't so sure about the sea Rob took him in and tried to get his feet wet but he just clamoured up him to get away. It was an idyllic time I even had time to read some of my book in peace.

We went to Robin and Gill's after and they kindly did a BBQ for us and we spent a lovely time chatting and catching up on life which was a great way to end the day. I think these unexpected days out are the best they're like a surprise holiday when you should have been taking a trip to the dump and sorting the washing!