Thursday, 7 May 2009


Poor little man has been really poorly the last few days, I think it was supposed to be a virus which he would get over in a couple of days but we are on day five now and he is covered in spots. At least now he's spotty he doesn't seem to have such a high temperature and has started eating again. I find is so strange that one chromosome can make such a difference to so many things it always takes so long for him to recover from every little illness and there doesn't seem to be anything that we can do to make him more hardy.

What a peculiar journey we are on Sammy is such a puzzle yet he's also completely delightful. In some ways not having any idea what the future holds can be a positive it means that there are less expectations and we are free to make the most of what comes along. It's a good lesson to learn and we need to help the others know that the same applies to them, Lottie is soon to start her GCSE's and she feels the pressure to achieve certain grades, she has tried so hard with her revision what more can we ask of her, whatever happens we will have to help her to be positive about the future and to approach it with courage and excitement.

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