Friday, 27 February 2009

Sammy's busy day

We went to Disability challengers today it's a lovely place with softplay and a sensory room it's also where Sammy goes to have his speech theropy session. He loved the attention as usual but as yet there really is no speech involved unless you count signing which he does when he feels like it. It was good to catch up with some of his little friends that also have DS, it was so funny one of the little girls who insists on calling him 'baby' was trying to drag him up the softplay slope when actually he weighs more than her, she's four but so tiny and Sam is quite a chunky little man. We did manage it up to the top of the slide a few times and all three of us had to sit together to come down a big pile of arms and legs going 'weeeee'!
Sammy hasn't managed to achieve his homework from before Christmas yet, blowing a trumpet, he puts it to his lips and makes an impressive toot noise but refuses to learn to blow. I'm not sure what it's really supposed to help with but at this rate he will never be in a brass band!
The task today was to match a picture of a ball and a picture of a book he loved looking at the the pictures he even pointed to the right picture once but I don't think he had much of a clue. He really loved the miniture chair and bed she brought out for him to put a teddy in/on but he prefered to hold the teddy and squeeze his sizeable bottom into the bed and then sat on the chair and refused to move he played for ages like that, I think I need to get him a little chair and make a shoe box bed for his teddy!
At the moment I'm watching him flirt with Millie's friend, kissing her with open mouthed wet kisses, he really is so full of love!

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