Monday, 2 March 2009

Highs and Lows

Yesterday we sat having Sunday lunch which is always a loud, greedy affair, I was dishing up apple crumble and said to Sammy "Would you like custard and crumble?" I didn't really expect an answer but I talk constantly to him anyway when I looked at him he was excitedly signing his Mr Tumble sign I was confused as to why he would be signing that in the middle of dinner til I realised that's what he thought I'd asked "Would you like custard and Mr Tumble?" No wonder he looked so happy.

On the other side by teatime he was a different child, like all children he went from seemingly well to being sick in a matter of moments. He really hates me holding a bowl in front of him I have the impression that he thinks it's the bowls fault, so it's a balancing act between comforting and catching sick, really there should be some qualification for being a Mum it would certainly be worth more than the surfing course I heard of that is the equivalent of two A levels!

It's amazing the lengths everyone goes to when he's poorly to help, Millie was lovely, and cheerfully made Sausage Pasta for tea and now Lottie is galloping round the lounge being a horse, neighing and letting Luke ride it's very realistic, Sammy loves it. He really does unite us in a way that's a real blessing, How good is our God!

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