Thursday, 12 March 2009

Being a parent

How good would it be if we could jump ahead a few years and see if what we are doing 'now' works? I'm feeling completely overwhelmed today by the tightrope that we have to walk as parents on one side there's the friendly lunches and pally chats on the other there is "whatever" and "don't tell me what to do!" The investment we make into their lives is motivated purely out of love for them, the restrictions that we make are only for their safety. I know we can't prevent or predict every bad thing that may happen to them but it is built into us that we do all we can, is it fear? Or the lioness protection instinct that does it? Or is it love?

God gave us a free will, a choice to choose to love Him or not, it seems that same choice doesn't apply when it comes to our children even when they should be old enough to know better and when they lash out against us we still love them and stress over how to guide them in a way that will keep them safe without infringing on their liberty. I wish that we could swap shoes for just a day, so that they can know that we are not the enemy, that we don't want to make them an image of ourselves, that we want to see them become happy and fulfilled, living the exciting and full lives that were planned out for them by a loving and amazing Father. Yes, we want to stay a part of their lives but we only want to observe and enjoy where they go, not do the driving. We hope that they grow up to respect the choices we make and to remember that we are human like them. I certainly do with mine, each of us reflect the diversity of our God and to be tied to family by love that doesn't expect conformity but revels in uniqueness is a wonderful blessing!

On days like this when I feel lost when I don't know how it's going to turn out, when I'm scared that I could loose them emotionally, that they will hide from me what they are really thinking because it will hurt me, I have to remember that although they are my flesh and blood and I love them passionately they are more important to the one who planned them before He created the earth, that He who started a good work in them will complete it. Thank God that we are not in this alone, what a lesson in so many things is being a parent. Do you think that could be part of the plan?

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  1. Living, with the unique challenges which the Lord plans for us, is to help us to learn where we are weak and that without God we can do nothing. Trial works patience, patience character, character hope and hope does not disappoint us - just keep your eyes focussed on our great, loving and powerful God and Trust Him (what's the option anyway!!)