Thursday, 5 March 2009

Sick,Lemonade and Dressing up.

It's been a really tough week Sammy hasn't recovered since last Sunday when he started being sick. Poor little man hasn't eaten properly all week, he seems to be able to survive on fromage frais, a few quavers and breastmilk, which was in short supply but now seems to have responded to demand. One of the high lights was on Tuesday eve when he decided to sick and poo simultaneously! He hates me holding a bowl in front of him so I was fighting to catch sick when I noticed there was a warm wet feeling running down my leg. The poo, if you could call it that had escaped and was making a run for it. I had to call Rob for help I wrapped the pooey end in a towel and promptly took him for a bath. Poor little lad he managed to poo his way through four pairs of jammies the next day. It always causes alot of screaming and flapping when it happens and various people either run for air freshener or cover.

While he's been ill all he wanted to do was watch Mr Tumble, a programme on TV for children with special needs where they can learn to sign. I have learnt a great deal from it and normally Mr Tumble is one of my favorites but after several days (that seem like weeks!!!) I'm beginning to imagine rather sudden and violent ends for him. I did regain my enthusiasm momentarily when Sammy did the sign for squirrel yesterday it's always so exciting when he does a new one, not that he will always do it again it's a case of been there got the T-shirt sometimes.

He has learnt a new trick which he has repeated lots this morning, when I thought he was finally well again, he can blow his trumpet that the speech therapist gave him Yea!! He was so pleased with himself lets hope he remembers how to tomorrow.

Lottie has just come in from work complaining about the cold, that girl is always cold! Although apparently she's not so cold that she can't go out in it again to buy lemonade from down the road, she needs supplies to be able to do her French course work, it must be made from French lemons or something! It's quite scary how the time goes by she will be off to college this year and she's been talking about dresses for her leavers do. I'm not sure whether I will be called upon to make it or not yet, strangely Rob seems to think that it would be nice if I did. Maybe he does have a sentimental side!

As I sit quietly writing this I can hear Millie and Luke playing dressing up, Millie is swanning around in a old floaty dress of mine, it's only her voice I can hear I think she is the one with the creative ideas! Sisters can be so much fun he loves it when she gives him the time it all gets very dramatic and theatrical. I can imagine the waving arms from here as I listen to her talking in a French accent, when did my children become so continental?

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