Monday, 23 March 2009

Pick and Mix

Sammy is really getting the hang of signing these days, we have been singing and signing a song called 'I dig my garden' and it has a sign for planting seeds and growing. While the portage worker was here he actually did both signs like he'd been doing it for ages she was so amazed, he also did a puzzle she brought without any mistakes first time, what a star! He doesn't often perform for the right people so it's always satisfying when he does it's good to have a witness it stops you thinking you are imagining things.

We are reaping the consequences of Millie's sleepless weekend away, she doesn't cope well with a lack of sleep her personality takes a detour into contrariness and weeping not her usual self at all. It means we will be on egg shells for a few days I think I should make her a T-shirt with the slogan 'Fragile, handle with care' on it til she catches up with her sleep and we have our smiley Millie back.

I read the most wonderful book yesterday it's called the Miraculous journey of Edward Tulane it was so good I read it in two sittings which is good for me I'm the sort of reader that likes to take in every word so I tend to read at the sort of pace you would read aloud. It's a children's book and I can't wait to read it to Millie and Luke when we have finished the Penderwicks. Hopefully it will teach them something about appreciation of the people that love them and about loving others.

It's been quite a busy day I managed to cut out an apron for holding pegs, I had a beautiful one that my Gran made with embroidery on it but somehow it's lost, I'm hopeful it will turn up but in the meantime I'm making my own. It's more modern but just as practical and I'm sure just like Grans the kids will laugh at me when I wear it. I don't know why, it's so much better than those silly ones you hang on the line and have to keep fighting washing to get at, admittedly it's not the height of fashion but the fact my Gran made it and used it gave me pleasure while I hung out the washing. I'm not sure this one will have the same effect but it is really cheerful, a bright red with multi coloured dots on. When it's done I'll take a picture and put it on here.

Luke is reading to me at the moment, a book about pets, his reading it coming on great he wants to read everything including the book I'm reading to him he tries to read along which can be a bit distracting at times but it is lovely to have one that can do that and wants to. That reminds me better go and read some more of the Penderwicks need to find out how the 'save daddy plan' is going to work out!

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