Friday, 20 March 2009

Playtime and parting

Sammy and I went to Farnham today it was a lovely relaxed day with lots of lovely people and children to chat and play with. We had a lovely time playing on the water bed in the sensory room it was so warm with changing lights and revolving pictures being projected on the wall. It was a special time rolling around together with lots of cuddles and tickles, he is such a lovely little boy full of kisses and giggles.

He also had a fun time in the playhouse with a couple of older boys, they were so sweet with him he loved playing boo out of the window and seemed to think that the pretend pizza was in need of a wash in the sink. He also had great fun in the tunnel always a winner with him today he played with a couple of girls crawling in and out together. I have noticed quite a change in the way he is playing he is much more interactive with other children now, he watches and copies what they are doing. He also was signing to one of them today she didn't understand him but he was trying to communicate which is great!

The speech therapy time was hard work Sammy just wouldn't sit still he wanted to climb on the bean bags and explore. He did do some lovely signing and responded well when she asked him to feed the lion an ice-cream (plastic of course).

He really loves his cuddly toys we often play with our teddies he particularly loves Mummies Teddy, a panda that Rob brought me a while ago. I think he loves it because it's mine, so cute, his little face is a picture when I cuddle it and then he instantly wants a go to.

Millie is off on a youth weekend with church it's been coming for a while and we have done nervous, excited, stressed, excited and more excited. She went last year and texted or phoned every two hours, hopefully she will feel more settled this time she certainly seems more up for it this time and it's alot closer so I think that will help, although I am secretly hoping that I still get lots of texts, I think I'm as bad as her. We will miss her noise about the house she is always so chirpy. It's amazing with so many children how one missing changes the whole feel of things. I can't imagine how it will be when they start leaving home it's going to take some adjusting to, in the mean time I'm going to make the most of it and hope that I can survive the lack of sleep and damaged eardrums!

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