Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Baking Cookies

I'm always so chuffed over the most simple of things. Does this make me a sad person as my 18 year old seems to think? As I write I have Hobnob cookies cooling on the tray and the smell of them is floating around the house making the drab day outside seem positively sunny. I was planning to just pop them in the oven with no fuss but was joined in the kitchen by Luke at just the right moment who wanted to help and we sat happily stirring and then rolling 42 extremely sticky balls of biscuit dough. It's so good to spend time with him alone he is such a sweet boy all cuddles and fun and at 10 that is such a bonus I know it won't be long before his chatting becomes grunting instead. Hopefully from now on the smell of cooking Hobnobs will transport me back to this time when I need to remember how lovely he really is.

Earlier I did a couple of rows on the hot water bottle cover Luke wanted to replace an old worn one, I wish all my time could be spent doing these little homely things. It has owls on it like the gloves I made him in the winter so he's really chuffed. It always surprises me how much he likes me to make him things, he obviously feels loved when people do things for him, which is great cause that's an easy thing for me to do.

Another thing that made me smile today was in a unexpected place, I had to take Sammy to the doctors for his preschool jab and while I was waiting outside listening to all the babies screaming I was wondering if Sammy would be upset or difficult but I needn't have worried he was so pleased to see the nurses, showing them his Bob the builder and being a right flirt. He just sat there and watched as they took an arm each and smiled at them. He did say Ow but was only really giving them a commentary and was so pleased to be given a jelly baby that it was instantly forgotten. He burst happily out onto a full waiting room and announced 'Ow, ow and then signed sweet' with a huge grin on his face. I could just eat him up sometimes, it's such a different ride being his Mum.

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