Monday, 17 May 2010


Been busy with the laminator again. I've made up a book about our visit to the Watercress Line, which was months ago but at least it's done now, and a book about Sammy and his obsession with hats. When I went through all the photos I was amazed how many there were with Sammy in hats. I have had the odd day when he refuses to be parted from his bike helmet and as I type this he is trying to wear a flowerpot for a hat and keeps putting it on my head as well!

We've just had a lovely weekend with my Mum and Dad along with Freddie the dog which Sammy seems to have befriended finally he even gave him a few hugs. He is fine as long as Freddie keeps his tongue to himself, Sammy isn't to keen on doggy kisses!

Back to the books, I'm trying to be more organised with Sammy's homework there seems to be so much to get through but I figure if I just manage a few minutes a day that's better than being put off by the amount and not doing any at all. He doesn't seem to be progressing very fast on the reading front, I'm not sure that I'm doing it right with him or that he is just not keen to do it, I will keep it up and hopefully something will go in and I won't be to embarrassed by my failure when I have to go to DownsEd next time.

Sammy is now wearing his crown so I'll leave you with a picture of him in some hats , he has such style!

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