Sunday, 12 April 2009


Today we made this lovely collage at church, I've been trying to make church more accessible to the children so while the service was going on this morning I had the children colour in a mixture of trophies, rosettes, medals, number ones and stars. They all wrote their names on them to show that although Jesus was the one who won the victory he did it to save them. I painted the background in a black and white check to symbolise the winning flag, it all looked really effective and the children really seemed to enjoy it.

I love the creativity of God it's one of my favorite characteristics probably because it's one of the things that make me feel most alive I get so much enjoyment out of creating something new or finding some way to express myself creatively. I really feel that it's a good way to learn about who God is by looking at His creation and that the act of creativity also teaches us so much about Him, His patience, attention to detail, His love for us, His extravagance, His joy and many more things.

I have been so moved today because life can be so hard sometimes and trying to live it the way we should seems impossible but today I am reminded that in Him all things are possible and also that it's not me but Christ that sets me free it is such a relief! I hope that I will remember everyday and not just at Easter.

Happy Easter!

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