Monday, 13 April 2009

A special day in the Forest

What a wonderful day today the sun shone and it was beautiful and warm. We took a lovely jaunt out in our new car to the New Forest, it's a really smooth drive with the added fun of music on demand we had a great time playing some of the kids worship songs and a few other things even when we hit traffic which I suppose was inevitable on a bank holiday it was still alot of fun! Millie didn't even complain and felt fine the whole time.

We fuelled up at the tesco one stop and headed off to find our usual picnic spot, unfortunately it seemed that everyone else had the same thought and got to it earlier than us so we had to keep going til we found a new spot which worked just as well, lots of trees and the usual forest stuff. Later we had trouble again trying to park at Aldridge Hill but as it turned out it was a bonus because we discovered a lovely spot on our walk from where we had to park in the end. The kids had their wellies so they had a great time running in and out of the stream and getting stuck in the mud at one point Luke lost both his wellies in the mud and Millie had to rescue them, I think the socks are beyond rescue unfortunately though! Sammy had great fun sitting on the side throwing in stones he missed most of the time but that didn't seem to dampen his enthusiasm. Millie and Luke were kept busy supplying more stones for him to throw sometimes a hazardous business as he didn't want to stop for them to get out of the way!

We finished off the day with fish and chips at Lymington, the seagulls there are way to adventurous one nearly landed on my head the kids thought they were great fun and would have preferred to feed them all their dinner but they had to settle for a few tit bits in the end, we probably shouldn't have given them any but it was so tempting. It was a lovely day in the end I hadn't been keen to start with as I was tired from Sammy being up in the night and having a horrid cold but I'm so glad that Rob was insistent about it. It was worth it and the fresh air and sun were a real tonic.

Oh yes I nearly forgot it was also a special day because we are eighteen years married today what better way to celebrate! Still loving you Rob!

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